Effective April 1, 2021 Saturdays are considered peak days due to the high demand.

To continue to provide inclusivity and a safe environment to all guest, G Hair Lounge implements Gender/Age Neutral pricing.

Luscious Hair


  Haircut Add On
  (This is an add on service to style, color, extensions or treatment)        
$45 Weekday | $54 Saturday

  Shampoo/Blowdry only 
    $50 Weekday | $60 Saturday

  Basic Shampoo/Blowdry/Style
( shoulder length or shorter, $10 Extra styling fee added on for length past shoulders) 
 $75 Weekday | $90 Saturday

Silk Press Shampoo/Blowdry/Style    
$85 Weekday | $102 Saturday

     ** Theses are starting prices, additional charges may apply based on length and density of hair

    Entry Level Treatment 
   $20 Weekday | $24 Saturday

 Mid Level Treatment 
Extreme Moisture
    $30 Weekday | $36 Saturday

High End Treatment 
$40 Weekday | $48 Saturday






Smiling Woman with Curly Hair

         Relaxer Retouch
   $125 Weekday | $150 Saturday

      Virgin Relaxer 
    $155 Weekday | $186 Saturday

         Partial Halo Relaxer     
$65 Weekday | $78 Saturday


  Hair Color Retouch-
Grey Coverage

         $140 Weekday | $168 Saturday

Color Session (3 Hours)
( This block of time may consist of a partial highlight, Balayage or Ombre at shoulder length and gloss) 
$345 Weekday | $414 Saturday

 Ombre/Balyage/ Foilyage
Color Session (4 Hours)
 ( This block of time may consist of  a combination of highlights, foil yage, face frame highlights on mid-back length and base color) 
    $445 Weekday | $534 Saturday

Color Session (5 Hours)
( This block of time may consist of  a full transformation, full highlight, gloss and base)
$540 Weekday | $648 Saturday 

Vivid -Creative Color / Per Hour     
$100 Weekday | $120 Saturday

Corrective Color /Per Hour    
$100 Weekday | $120 Saturday

**Technique used to create any desired look may consist of advanced techniques that Gina specializes in such as foil and dimensional color placement.





  Hair Extensions


Hair Wash

 Products we love and trust!

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  • Please note that services are Al La Carte with the exception of Hair Color services blocked off more than 2 hours. Color services scheduled for 3 plus hours are all inclusive

  • When selecting appointments for a Saturday, please note prices will be adjusted accordingly at checkout with the understanding of peak pricing in place for this particular day.

  • Please provide 48 hours notice of cancellation to avoid any fees.  When appointments are cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment then 50% of what was booked is charged. When appointments are cancelled day of the scheduled appointment then 100% of what was booked is charged.  

  • Enough notice will allow time for the salon to reach out to guests on the salon waitlist for last minute availability.

  • Although there was a recent mandate lifting the restraints' for masks in Arizona, it is still required to wear a masks' inside of the salon suites as well as my studio (G HAIR LOUNGE) to not only protect yourself from others but others from you as well. Masks must cover nose and mouth. 

  •  For any questions regarding the above mentioned policies please feel free to reach out by email at         

  • Late Policy- I understand that things happen that can cause us to be late. I offer a grace period of 5-10 minutes. If you are 15 minutes late then your appointment will have to be rescheduled and a late fee of $15 will be charged. By accepting late appointments I am subjected to run behind and not be able to get clients out around their scheduled times.