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Welcome to my business, gorgeous!

My name is Gina and I’m the owner and stylist at G Hair Lounge. I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am now proudly serving our Tempe Arizona community.


I worked in a few different salons and from experience wanted to create a new concept in a much needed market. I wanted inclusivity where everyone would feel welcome no matter their race, ethnic background,  hair type or texture. 


I had an idea and hence G Hair Lounge was born. A one of a kind Multicultural Salon.  


As a mom of boys with one being an 10 year old ball of energy, I know exactly how important it is to feel pampered, beautiful, and special in a relaxing environment. I’ve designed my studio suite to provide you with a great guest experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and more confident than you’ve ever felt before. 


I’ve been a stylist for over 17 years and I have never been more in love with the beauty industry and my craft especially since it is always evolving. My passion started when I was in high school. I am a multicultural stylist who specializes in dimensional (lived in) color and hair extensions. Not to worry, I do offer other services outside of my specialties.

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I take pride in the fact that I travel for advanced hair color and extension technique classes at least a few times a year so don’t be surprised if you see a new certification in the salon. I am also a hair color educator for Matrix Loreal for 7+ years and I enjoy being around my Matrix family for training, this is a time where we refuel and collaborate on ideas. 

When I’m not in the salon you can find me on a getaway trip with my family. I enjoy traveling to places with beautiful scenic views. One of my favorite places in Arizona to visit is Sedona which is known for it’s beautiful red rock views.  I have to admit that I am a foodie and just love trying different cuisines so much in fact, when planning a family trip we search reviews for the best food in town to try out. When at home I enjoy trying new recipes and can say I make a mean baked mac and cheese dish. Whenever I have time to kill after running a business and taking care of my family, you will find me binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix like “Working Moms” or Investigation Discovery with a glass of wine in one hand. 



During a visit at my studio salon, you will find that I love listening to music and tailoring my music playlist to my clients. I love the energetic vibe it provides which aids in my creative free flow. I’m overall a bubbly person so if not at your initial appointment don’t be surprised if you notice yourself enjoying a great laugh.

When you come in, feel free to indulge in my beverage station with a growing selection of wine, water, tea, and coffee. I also have little snacks as I can appreciate them myself especially if I need a little energy or a pick me up. When you leave, you will feel more knowledgeable about your hair care regime than you did when you entered.



Click on the book button to check out my service menu or to book an appointment. Email me at if you have any questions. 


I’m excited to meet you!

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