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Price Increase

Hello Beautiful, 


First of all, Thank you for the lovely support since day one! We have all experienced the drastic life changes Covid has thrown our way this past year. A few things I did not see coming, however, was a broken wrist which is nearly completely healed, and the increased demand on my time at the studio.  I’m sure you have noticed how difficult it can be to get an appointment with me and trust and believe, I understand your frustration! 

In order to meet the demand, I have  increased the amount of time I worked with an assistant and will be doing so again in the foreseeable future. Therefore, my prices have increased as well. 


Although my service prices will only increase $5 per service ($10-$20 depending on the amount of services you book in one session), I always like to be upfront with you especially when it affects your budget. As you know I like to be transparent about everything because I never want to blindside you during your appointment which is why I have verbally been telling all my existing clients since February to prepare for the increase being implemented June 1st. 


For your reference, my new pricing is listed below as It has been listed on the website since February for new clients. 


  • Shampoo/Blowout Only $45

  • Basic Shampoo/Style (Length at shoulder and shorter) $70

  • Silk Press (Length below shoulder) $80

  • Haircut Add On (This service is an add on service to a basic style, color, or extensions) $40

  • Retouch Color $60 (Paired with a Basic Shampoo/Style) $130


I am now accepting appointments through the end of July. Just a reminder that my weekends book up quickly. Email is still the best way to reach me regarding scheduling. If you do not get a response within 48 hours, please email me again to confirm that I have received your message. Appointments are not confirmed until I manually confirm on my end and you receive a confirmation email. 


As always, I appreciate you and your support as I make this transition in my business. I know this new pricing structure will allow me to continue providing the best service and experience!


Stay Blessed!


Gina Pickett


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Loyalty Program

 Don't forget about our loyalty program where you can get rewarded just for being a fabulous client. We just had a client earn $100 points and received $100 off her services during a single visit. 

If you need more details, I am happy to share during your next visit. 


June Promotions

Curious about Hand-Tied Weft Extensions, I-Tip Extensions or custom Hair Painting?

If you are a candidate, for the month of June bring in a BFF and you both will receive 30% off when you guys book within a week of each other if not the same day. 







*All specialty services require

a consultation to be able to provided an accurate price. 

I-Tip                      $600-$1200+

Microlinks           $400-$1000+

Traditional Sew Ins        $180+

*All specialty services require

a consultation to be able to provided an accurate price. 

Image by Vinicius Wiesehofer

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge

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